Bio::MAGETAB::ParameterValue - MAGE-TAB parameter value class


 use Bio::MAGETAB::ParameterValue;


This class is used to describe the values of parameters within a MAGE-TAB SDRF document. Note that as of the v1.1 MAGE-TAB specification, parameter values can only be used with Measurements; subsequent releases may allow ControlledTerms to be used as an alternative. See the BaseClass class for superclass methods.


measurement (optional)

A measurement giving the actual value of the parameter. This is not required because at some stage an optional controlled term attribute may be added as well; c.f. Material (data type: Bio::MAGETAB::Measurement).

parameter (required)

The Parameter to which the value applies. This links the value back to the Protocol in question (data type: Bio::MAGETAB::ProtocolParameter).

comments (optional)

A list of user-defined comments for the parameter value (data type: Bio::MAGETAB::Comment).


Each attribute has accessor (get_*) and mutator (set_*) methods, and also predicate (has_*) and clearer (clear_*) methods where the attribute is optional. Where an attribute represents a one-to-many relationship the mutator accepts an arrayref and the accessor returns an array.


the Bio::MAGETAB::BaseClass manpage


Tim F. Rayner <>


This library is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPL).